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Today I was doing some spring cleaning and processing of my notes and I arrived at an org document that had a 5-year plan in it. Safe to say not all of of its explicitly declared steps or tasks was accomplished, which mind you included “Learn full-stack development” in 3 months and “Learn flutter” in the 3 months after.

Now, faced with the possibility of writing a new 5-year plan, should I even do it? I think that’ll still be a Yes but to use a theme instead of a hard series of tasks, some over-arching projects, some roles to fulfill, leave the -implementation- details for later.

Today I find myself being a back-end #Clojure developer that does data analysis, something I didn’t even think about 5 years ago but it certainly fits the themes of “Learning” and “Programming”.

I think my next 5-years will be less “Be a developer” as I pivot myself into a more generalist role, go back and study #Economics, #Finance, #Mathematics, #philosophy and #politics too. A dash of #Arabic poetry and #Music composing would not hurt too.

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